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From September 25 to November 1st, submit your business idea to the Leverage Your Idea University Challenge presented by the National Bank to validate its potential and stand the chance to win several high value prizes !  If you are a student, foreign student or a university graduate aged from 18 to 35, you are eligible to enter the Challenge.

Organized by Fondation Montréal inc. and presented by the National Bank, the University Challenge is an entrepreneurial idea contest which aims to unearth the finest entrepreneurial minds amongst the university community, as well as to help develop entrepreneurial skills and knowledge.  Supported by the Montreal Universities, McGill, Concordia, ETS, UQÀM, Poly UdeM and HEC, the Challenge culminates in the form of an immersive 24-hour bootcamp on November 17-18.  At the end of the bootcamp, three winners will be selected and will share several high-value prizes.


The official ambassadress of the Challenge is Julie Saulnier, founder et CEO of Jus LOOP, the business that transforms fruits and vegetables that were left aside by the food industry into healthy and delicious cold-pressed juices.  Julie is a Fondation Montréal inc. laureate since Spring of 2016.

LOOP started its no waste mission a year ago and is already available in more than 500 sales point across Québec and Ontario.  Their success is due to its eco-friendly business model, but also to the fact that it makes available a juice which is healthy.  Since each bottle contains 1.5 kg of vegetables and cold-pressed juices are expensive, LOOP offers the best price on the market.

Which juice are you?




2017 winners

Fellipe Monteiro and Xavier Freeman
Discover their project here.

Émilie Veilleux and Isabelle Arcoite
On s'explique ça
Discover their project here.

Sébastien Labine and Mathieu Leduc-Frenette (absent on the photo)
Discover their project here.


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