The entrepreneurial bootcamp is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for all participants of the University Challenge Leverage Your Idea, presented by the National Bank, to validate their business idea with the help of expert-level coachs from the Montreal business sector, reknown trainers and experienced entrepreneurs. With the goal to transform the ideas with the most potential into a concrete business project, all the participants to the challenge are invited to attend the bootcamp.

During the bootcamp, everyone will have the opportunity to work with a team on one of the 10 finalist idea and/or the “Popular Vote” idea.

Therefore, everyone, even those whose idea hasve not been selected as finalists, will be able to learn how to validate their an idea and elaborate a business plan.

First come, first served: places are limited. Online registration will start on November 1st.

When :
November 18 at 4 p.m. until November 19 at 4 p.m.


Auditorium A-1600, 1110 Notre-Dame W, H3C 1K3

(Main entrance at 1100 Notre-Dame W is blocked due to road work.)


Only participants to the University Challenge can register.


Host: François Rioux
Maître d'enseignement | HEC Montréal
Ambassadress: Geneviève Grandbois
Founder | Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois

You will also meet great entrepreneurs such as:

  • Julie Delisle | Beeye

  • Bastien Poulain | 1642cola

  • Anthony Vendrame | Poches & Fils



Friday, November 18 

4 p.m. Welcome of participants
4:30 p.m. Opening ceremony and panel
with young entrepreneurs
5 p.m. Panel with young entrepreneurs
Julie Delisle (Beeye), Bastien Poulain (1642 Cola), Anthony Vendrame (Poches & Fils)
5:30 p.m. Unveiling of the finalists by the National Bank
6 p.m. Formation of teams
6:30 p.m. Workshop « Value Proposition»
presented by HEC Montréal
7 p.m. Workshop « Market Validation Techniques»
presented by HEC Montréal
7:15 p.m. Information stands of the entrepreneurship centers
and incubators/accelerators
7:30 p.m. Circulation of mobile coaches and opening
of the guiding tents
9:30 p.m. Project development in teams
00:00 Closing of venue


Saturday, November 19

8 a.m. Welcome of participants & healthy breakfast
8:30 a.m. Information stands of the entrepreneurship centers,
incubators & accelerators
9 a.m. Workshop « Acid Test »  presented by CENTECH
9:30 a.m. Circulation of mobile coaches and opening
of the guiding tents
12 a.m Lunch 100% energy
2 p.m. Final pitches in front of jury| Anabela Neves (National Bank), David Lipes (Budge Studios), Frédérik Marcil (Kube Innovation), LP Maurice (Busbud), 5th jury member
3 p.m. Jury deliberation
3:05 p.m. Panel with young entrepreneurs: Raphaël Christian-Roy (Front Row Ventures) and Alexandre Laberge (Fleexer)
3:30 p.m. Announcement of the three winners and grand winner
4 p.m. Prizes distribution – EY, La Gare, Norton Rose Fulbright
and Quebecor Groupe Média
4 p.m. Networking cocktail


Mobile coach: an expert in market validation techniques & formulation of value propositions

Éclaireur: your ultimate guide for building your pitch and your value proposition

Information stand: an oasis of information regarding the entrepreneurship center of your university


Workshop « Value Proposition »

Without market outlets, a business cannot be viable.  The first step when developing your idea into a business opportunity is to understand which need you are addressing and what value you are offering.  The workshop Value Proposition will help you form your basic hypothesis to achieve a successful product-market match.  Therefore, you will understand the profile of your customers and will refine your idea so it is satisfactory for those clients.

The workshop will address 1. the good practices to build an appropriate value proposition  2.  the importance of knowing your customers and their needs.  The workshop will be structured around the value proposition canvas which participants will use on one case study in order to be able to apply the same process to their own business idea.


Workshop « Validation Techniques »

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is to fall in love with an idea without validating if the market desires their product/service.  To avoid this trap, validation techniques have been developed, based on approaches like Customer Development (S.Blank) and the Lean Startup (E.Ries).  The workshop Validation techniques will showcase basic validation techniques to test the hypothesis of your value proposition, therefore demonstrating whether your idea can lead to a market opportunity. We will address the importance of validation as well as different techniques which participants will be able to apply to their own projects.


Worshop « Acid Test » :  In the 19th century, during the « Gold Rush », the changers used a quick testing method to conclude whether or not a nugget was made from gold or pyrite.  They would pour nitric acid, which would dissolve the metals but not gold.  Nowadays, it is similarly easy and fast to validate the feasibility of a business idea.  We proceed to a basic evaluation of the revenue streams of a product/service by comparing to similar data available on the market.  Then, we proceed to the evaluation of the costs the same way.  By deducting the two estimates, we can evaluate whether a project possesses the potential to generate gross and net margins expected from a business project in the industrial sector of its future business.  Once we master that process, we can make those calculations on a napkin and it is easy to see if our nugget is made of gold or pyrite.




Manaf Bouchentouf


Directeur général |  Accélérateur Institut Banque Nationale du HEC Montréal


Marie-Ange Masson


Coordonnatrice en enseignement de l'entrepreneuriat |  Parcours entrepreneurial Rémi-Marcoux du HEC Montréal


Luc Giguère


Responsable | Accélérateur CENTECH



Anabela Neves

Directrice principale - Services aux entreprises Montréal |  Banque Nationale

David Lipes

Founder and Co-CEO |  Budge Studios

*Membre du CA de la Fondation Montréal inc.

**Lauréat Fondation Montréal inc.

Frédérik Marcil

President and Founder | Kube Innovation

*Gagnant du concours édition 2015

**Lauréat Fondation Montréal inc.

Louis-Philippe Maurice

Cofounder and Co-CEO | Busbud

Lyne Robitaille

President and Editor | Journal de Montréal




Alexandre Favre

Vice-président développement des affaires |  DFuse



 Andy Ta

 Fondateur et président directeur général |  EcoTuned


Jean-Sébastien Carrier

Fondateur et président directeur général | Dyze Design


Khadija Bouhali

Fondatrice et présidente directrice générale | COUSMOS


Pascal Chiva-Bernard

Fondateur et président directeur général | ARA Robotique


Pascal Nataf

Co-fondateur et directeur général | Affordance Studios




Alexandre Laberge

Co-fondateur |  Fleexer



Aziz Guellouz

Coordonnateur en entrepreneuriat technologique |

Centre d’entrepreneuriat Poly-UdeM


Audrey Bernard

Co-fondatrice et associée |  Élixir Marketing Olfactif


Beth Thouin

Consultante marketing |  Thunkr


Francis Martel

Banque Nationale


Isabelle Combe

Manager, commercial banking - SME Development  |

Banque Nationale


Julie Hamel

Social Business Advisor |

District 3 Innovation Center


Lant Rokoto

Coordonnatrice en développement entrepreneurial |

Centre d'entrepreneuriat Poly-UdeM


Luc Giguère

Responsable | Accélérateur CENTECH

Manaf Bouchentouf

Directeur général |  Accélérateur Institut Banque Nationale du HEC Montréal

Marie-Ange Masson

Coordonnatrice en enseignement de l'entrepreneuriat |  Parcours entrepreneurial Rémi-Marcoux du HEC Montréal



Myriane Baril

Coordonnatrice à l’entrepreneuriat |

Fondation Montréal inc.



Michel Lasalle

Formateur | CENTECH

Noor Elhuda El Bawab

Directrice générale | District 3 Innovation Center

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