Fondation Montréal inc.

Fondation Montréal inc. is a non-profit organization with a mission to encourage the success of a new generation of promising Montreal entrepreneurs, in concert with a committed business community.

To do so, the Foundation invests in creation, expansion and support of businesses with great potential in order to contribute to the economic development of Montreal.  Since 1996, the Fondation has given out more than 7 million dollars in grants in order to launch 902 businesses based in Montreal, which has created more than 2 930 jobs.  The Fondation has injected more than 61 million dollars in the Montreal economy.

About the Leverage Your Idea University Challenge

Fondation Montréal Inc., is hosting the Leverage Your Idea University Challenge. The competition is being organised in collaboration with Montréal-based Universities and is sponsored by the National Bank. Students, international students and university graduates aged, 18 to 35, are invited to submit a business idea, in the form of video or SlideShare presentation, to find out the viability of their startup concept.

The goal of the contest is to stimulate the creation of start-ups and help them get off the ground. Finalists and participants will be invited to attend a 24-hour Startup Boot Camp, which will provide them with the skills and tools they will need to get a real business project off the ground. The contest is also benefiting from the support of the Journal de Montréal, our media partner. www.leveragebusinessideacom.  

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